A computer science education is needed to be a Software Engineer.

I’m extremely biased when it comes to whether a computer science degree needed to become a software engineer. Laying all my cards on the table: I have bachelors and masters degrees in computer science (b-schools). I have hired engineers for my team and for the organizations that I’ve been a part of. I believe coding […]

Moving to Kubernetes too soon

A couple of my friends and I have had several conversations around Kubernetes and team adoption. There’s nothing wrong with Kubernetes–it’s a great tool with a wonderful, rich development ecosystem. There’s a huge diverse development community that advocates for its members by helping anyone that needs advice on whatever issue you could be facing. Kubernetes […]

Deliver quality, not features or enhancements.

Delivering something that works consistently is far more important than delivering more capabilities that work sometimes. If development teams and/or customers are depending on your platform are constantly interrupted by an experience that leaves them with no desire use your platform, services, or components, then you could be losing them forever. It’s a chilling experience […]

Embrace devops culture, not just tooling.

I might be dating myself, but I remember when there wasn’t a public cloud to deploy to. No AWS, Azure, or GCP. Most of the organizations that I worked in Chicago had their own data centers. These companies rarely had a disaster data center(s) because it was too costly, deployments took hours/days, and run or […]