Why I am leaving Gogo.

I saw an earlier post about why another engineer decided to leave Google. It was very therapeutic, and I was glad that he wrote it, and I understood where he was coming from. While I won’t share any disparaging remarks (Gogo is a great place to be), I felt like I needed to write something too, for my own closure.

Earlier this week, I gave my current company my resignation. I love Gogo. I love my boss. I love my boss’s boss. I love my team. I loved the technology. I loved being an evangelist for my company and team. I loved being in the city.

So why am I leaving? I am leaving for a better opportunity that will stretch me. Bottom line, I feel like I’ve gotten comfortable and want new challenges. I need a change, and if I didn’t change, I would get to the point where I feel stuck. Me being stuck is a bad thing.

As many senior software engineers know, you reach a peek where you want to go hire in your career and/or organization. Either you move up into a managers role where you are over engineers and hopefully making decisions that affect the companies bottom line or you become an architect. For me, I am a good leader (as I have been told), and I didn’t want to become a manager yet. I am an evangelist or architect. I lead small teams with large scale projects. I still love to code, the infrastructure, the cloud, and I love being a hands-on software engineer. But I am a geek. Always have been, always will be.

For my family, there is some gain, too. Most folks go home before five, and many don’t work most nights and weekends. That’s huge to my family because we spend so much time together as a family on the weekends. It’s valuable time for us. I am always in search of work-life balance, and, admittedly, I have fear of saying no, so I always take on too much. It’s the something that I am growing to confront. This time I hope to have it. I don’t mind working 12 hour days, most days I skip lunch. Hopefully, I can find that at my new place.

I was offered the opportunity to go build the next big thing as a Principal Architect. I will oversee teams on-site and offshore. I am excited to be a game changer for another company. I am excited about the challenge of leading developers through new and interesting projects. I am excited about the new tech that I will learn. So many cool things are coming.