New beginnings.

I started a new role last week at Nielsen. I am super excited to be building their next generation platform. While I can’t talk about some of the work that I am doing, I hope that I will be able to contribute some of that work to open source. I will update later if I am able to

I am not use to my new title (Principal Architect)–it’s a stretch for me, but I am sure that I will grow into it over time. I really like my new teammates and boss. I have my own team now (nice to only have one team!), so I am anxious to get started building. Things are in the early stages. I am building POCs and getting the lay of the land. The work will be challenging. I am getting an opportunity to learn more about big data. This is something that I wanted to learn for a long time with Hadoop, HDFS, and Pig/Hive. Now I will be focused on spark, spark clustering, and Azure (new cloud platform for me, I had AWS and GCP under my belt). I will oversee dev-ops and micro-services for our team, so I am excited for this opportunity. Looking to put down roots for a couple of years and grow.

I am already thinking about what’s next (I am bad at that). I really want to become a V.P. of engineering or Head of Engineering some place in a couple of years. I am going to spend the next couple of years growing as an architect and team leader. I admire some of the boss that I’ve worked for. My previous SVP Robert Boxall had inspired me. I hope to stay in touch and learn from him, even though I am not working for him directly. He’s a good man.

I am just really thankful for my wife and kids. They are being super-supportive of this change. I am thankful for my boss who is giving me tons of opportunities to grow. I am thankful for some dear friends that have been with me since the very beginning. My wife is amazing. Not sure what I would do without her. We are team.

I am serving in church again. I took some time off last year. I am excited to be doing this again.

Started from the bottom, and now I am here.

Will write again in a couple of weeks.