I quit my last role. Curious as to why? See my last post. It’s been a month since I started my new job. I really like it so far. I’m uncovering some warts, but nothing has made me run away thus far. I really like working for my boss–he’s a good friend and I’ve worked with him previously before. He gives me tons of autonomy to work as I please. I am going to be building a team soon. I will be mentoring a team of developers. I’ve got some major projects to get done. Things are at times difficult, but I enjoy a challenge. I’m working in two languages I love–python and scala. I’m enjoying developing again, something I love to do and I wasn’t doing very much in my last role. I get to drive the direction of technologies we embrace. Culturally, it’s somewhat more a fit in my previous role. I’m learning balance. Change is good. I picked up a part-time contracting gig, too. Busy? Yes, but I’m having fun.