A couple of my friends and I have had several conversations around Kubernetes and team adoption. There’s nothing wrong with Kubernetes–it’s a great tool with a wonderful, rich development ecosystem. There’s a huge diverse development community that advocates for its members by helping anyone that needs advice on whatever issue you could be facing. Kubernetes is great. I love using it. But, is your team or organization ready to use it?

Whether you are on GCP, AWS, or Azure, each offers the ability to run Function As A Service (FAAS) in the cloud without having to run popular software frameworks in the cloud. Each of these cloud providers has its own containers systems to deploy applications/services. By using containers, your team can continue to use popular software framework because the logic is encapsulated. There’s always a way to deploy code to the cloud.

Does your organization have enough resources to support it? Does your infrastructure planning include increasing headcount to support all of your development needs? Does your SRE teams know how to support it and has plans to support your development teams? Do you have a reliable CI/CD processes to deploy your application and manage deployment orchestration?

If you don’t have to these question, maybe you should hold off moving to it.